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Arturo il pesce

No Real Interactive realizes the “Arturo il pesce”, third actor (virtual) of the play “Il grande Giorno”, written by Daniele Ronco and interpreted by him together with Elena Aimone and the participation of Tullio Solenghi (the voice of Arturo), directed by Raffaele Latagliata. For info: Mulino ad Arte

Virtual Tour of the Temples of Humankind

Inaugurated the Virtual Tour of the Temples of Humankind of Damanhur, an experience of virtualization of the real visit and some moments of meditation in the Hall of the Earth and the Hall of Victory. A definitely “underground” experience, not to be missed! Damanhur: Temples of Humanity Virtual Tour:

Venice Smart Control Room

Inaugurated on September 12, 2020 in Venice the innovative Smart Control Room based on MindIcity, the Urban Intelligence platform by FabbricaDigitale. No Real Interactive developed the immersive 3D environment with which the proposing group won the tender announced in 2018. Web: