CHIARA DCA Assistant

Chiara is the first conversational assistant developed for the medical field with VRforCARE, an innovative startup specialized to the proposition of immersive experiences in VR alongside addiction recovery therapies, eating disorders and anxiety states.

Chiara was trained to communicate with the patient on three specific topics: general psychophysical situation, relationship with food and monitoring of food therapy treatment. The dialogue with Chiara is simple because it is her Artificial Intelligence that leads the conversation by asking the pertinent questions to assess the patient’s state. And in case of out-of-control issues, the conversation will be forwarded to the patient’s therapist for subsequent in-person contact.

To start a dialogue, simply scan the QR-Code with your smartphone, or click on the web link with your tablet or PC.

Chiara is a real-time 3D conversational agent developed by No Real on the ALGHO conversational platform.

Do you want to talk to Chiara?
Look for the QR-Code in the gallery and frame it with your Smartphone

Or, this is the link for PCs: