DRIM – DRugs IMmersive experience

NoReal has created “DRIM DRugs IMmersive experience”, an immersive experience (with Meta Quest2 headset) that places the patient in a controlled exposure to visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli.

It was designed and developed for “VRforCARE” innovative startup specialized in a proposition of immersive experiences alongside addiction recovery therapies, eating disorders and anxiety states.

The patient under therapy control participates in a “party” in which drugs, alcohol and gambling are consumed. The various actors will invite him to come closer and be part of their consumption. Depending on the choices the patient makes, the experience will evolve towards different situations, positive or negative.

The therapist constantly follows the evolution of the experience, being able to observe what the patient is looking at through a control monitor, already set up for the future implementation of biometric data.

Web: www.vrforcare.com