L’alfabeto del futuro

THE ALPHABET OF THE FUTURE is the title that LaStampa, together with the entire GNN group and Intesa San Paolo, has given to the traveling event that between 2019 and 2020 will talk about innovation in 8 stages in Northern Italy.


For the second year in a row, they wanted CYBRO to greet the guests from the stage, talking with the anchormen as they took turns on the stages.

In Genoa, the dialogue between Dr. Luca Ubaldeschi (Director of Secolo XXIX) and his digital double was repeated, while in Alba the digital double of Carlin Petrini, patron of SlowFood, magically appeared.

CYBRO is the family of real time 3D conversational agents that allows you to recite any text or audio file offering naturalness and attractiveness to the human-machine dialogue.

Web: https://www.lesfidedellinnovazione.it/