CYBRO Leonardo da Vinci

After four years of research, No Real Interactive publishes the conversational avatar of Leonardo da Vinci, with its full-scale three-dimensional reconstruction and the possibility to converse with him thanks to a conversational engine equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

The research path has included the most faithful replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s physical appearance, conducted by examining the iconography and “statuary” available today.

Leonardo, joins the conversational avatars of the Cybro family, ready to entertain visitors of museums, archaeological parks, companies and public institutions. The avatars are trained to interpret the meaning of the questions asked by the users and to create the most appropriate and naturally recited answer, thanks to the archives of facial expressions and body attitudes included in the software. The user does not need to touch the screen or a keyboard: just “greet” the avatar to start the dialogue.

Leonardo can speak using pre-recorded audio phrases or use the main synthetic voices that, combined with automatic translators, allow him to speak in almost any language in the world.

The conversational avatars of the Cybro family are hosted on desktop systems or local servers and in the cloud and are accessible through the stationary and mobile devices, including totems. They can exploit third-party conversational engines (e.g. Alexa, Siri, etc.) with static conversation trees or evolutionary AI processes.

Cybro-Leonardo presentation

CYBRO-Leonardo conversational test