Himera and the Temple of Victory

On June 30th, 2016 it was inaugurated in Termini Imerese (a town close to Palermo, Italy) a new “Antiquarium” placed next to  the Archaeological Museum,  showing the Tempio della Vittoria (Temple of Victory) and the latest archeological finds in that area. These include the burial of 10,000 riders with their horses, a unique event in the history of Greek archeology in Sicily.

The new exhibition space is extremely “classy” after the stylish work performed by Arch.  Enrico Caruso and Arch. Fabio Scirè, fitted with display cases, information panels, a great scene with the rendering of the rebuilt Temple and the scale model of the Temple and of a lion’s eaves details.

No Real is proud to have created the maxi-video that stands in the Antiquarium  illustrating the epic moments of the battle, the victorious epilogue to which followed the construction of the Tempio della Vittoria, the later defeat and the archaeological excavations from the XIX century till today.

The video is the result of a variety of 2D and 3D computer graphics techniques, including shooting in the green-back, shooting from drone resulting room-matching, 2D graphics, 3D modeling, post-production special effects.
3D reconstruction of the Temple is the result of a meticulous validation work done by the Superintendence of Palermo (Agata Villa) and a team of historians (Nunzio Allegro, Franco D’Angelo, Dieter Mertens, Stefano Vassallo).
Around the Temple it has also been proposed the hypotheses of rebuilt of the entire city of Himera, with the “lower town”, the “upper town”, the Emporion, the river with the landing places and the sea.

A great cultural work during the inauguration, was considered  as “Excellent” by the Scientific Managers and as a “public good” by the Mayor of Termini Imerese.



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