MUSA Federico Sacco Museum

The MUSA was created as a concrete realization of the cross-border Italy-France ALCOTRA project called “Avventura geologica” (Geological Adventure), with the Unione del Fossanese (Bene Vagienna, Genola, Salmour, Sant’Albano Stura), the Federico Sacco Foundation, the Municipality of Frabosa, Cherasco together with the French municipalities belonging to DIP04.

It is dedicated to the figure of Federico Sacco from Fossano, a prestigious academic and great popularizer of science who dedicated his life (1884-1948) to the search for the mysteries of geology, paleontology, physical geography and disciplines related to Earth Science.

No Real Interactive has intervened in the design and implementation of the entire project of multimedia use and interactive teaching.

The Museum has been equipped with:
– a 75″ smart TV (which hosts some videos made by the partners)
– an interactive table with some slide shows and the “Magic Stones” application, which reveals the contents of special jars full of mysterious rocks
– two holographic stations with 3D replicas of finds from other collections;
– an “animated showcase” facing outwards to encourage access;
– an interactive whiteboard in the teaching room, which also houses the 6 experimental teaching units collected in the “Travelling Educational Trunk”, designed to be moved to schools in the area.
The trunk contains interactive educational games of various kinds.

promotional video